The Scientific Committee

According to the Association's By-Laws, the Board of Directors has appointed the Scientific Committe of the Association. The Scientific Committee consists of a number of distinguished and well known academics and professionals, which have been long working in the field of thermal care provisions.

The Scientific Committee will support the Board of Directors in outlining research project proposals, organising conferences, congresses and seminars so as to pomote the Association's goals and activities, which, in particular, are aimed at improving patients' rights and the quality of thermal care services.

The Board of Directors believes that the Scientific Committee will play a significant role in developing the knowledge and a better understanding of the potential of thermal centres.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Luigi Bertinato, Local Health Authority, Verona (Italy)
Prof. Pedro Cantista - Chief of the Chair of Medical Hydrology, University of Porto - Portugal
Dr. Thierry Dubois, President CNEth, France
Prof. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre - Chair of Medical Hydrology, University UCM, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Carla Morer, Rehabilitation, Medical Hydrology, University UCM, Madrid, Spain
Prof. Irena Ponikowska, Chair of Medical Hydrology and Rehabilitation, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Prof. Christian Roques - Scientific Coordinator Afreth, University of Toulouse, France
Prof. Olga Sordu - University Ovidius, Constanta, Romania
Prof. Marco Vitale - University of Parma - Italy/ Scientific Coordinator of FORST (Italian Foundation for Thermal Medicine)
Dr. Federico Gelli (Italy), Physychian and Member of the Lower House of Italian Parliament. Chair of the Italian Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on Immigration.

Prof. Umberto Solimene - President of FEMTEC (World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, University of Milan, Italy

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