The Board of Directors

President: Dr. Natalia Tchaourskaia (Russia)
Spa Management Chair - International Russian Academy for Tourism (www.rmat.ru), Moscow

Specialist of the Ministry of Health of USSR and Russian Federation in the Field of Medical Biological Problems with special activity in many European, North and Central Africa and Far East Countries. Expert consultant of the Russian State Social Universitity of Moscow. Editor of many medical handbooks in different fields (psychology,surgery,anatomy,hydrotherapy), translated from French and Italian languages to Russian language.

Vice-President: Fausto Bonsignori
Medical Doctor. Specialist in Medical Hydrology, Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Healt. Medical Director of Thermal, Spa and Thalassoterapic Centers. Professor at the post graduate masters of Pisa and Milano University.

Secretary General: prof. Alceste Santuari (Italy) - See CV
Prof of Law of Services of General Interest, Health and Social Care services
Health SPAs Non Profit Organisations - Health Tourism, University of Bologna
Vice President of Tourism and Health Commission - FEMTEC
phone +39.3357875591 - email: alceste.posta@gmail.com / info@eaptc.net

He has published several books and papers on the legal and comparative aspects of health care services, with special reference to thermal and health SPAs provisions and cross-border patient mobility (Directive 24/2011 - EU)

Member: Dott. Francesco Padrini (Italy) - See CV
Expert of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy
phone +39.028360695 - email: frapadri@tin.it / info@bioenergetica.eu

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The Board of Directors
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