Toolbox for Cross-Border Healthcare

The toolbox contains relevant information on the legal framework of cross-border healthcare, covering both Directive 2011/24/EU and the Social Security Regulations (EC) 883/2004 and 987/2009.

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Fédération Française des Curistes Médicalisés (FFCM) - Comm. 6 2019

Réunions du 23 octobre à Néris-les-Bains et du 25 octobre à Vichy.

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Fédération Française des Curistes Médicalisés (FFCM) - Comm. 4bis 2019

Nos rendez-vous d’été avec les curistes

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European active citizens advocate for vaccination - Public event at EU Parliament

The event organized last 7th of November by Active Citizenship Network at the EU Parliament was aimed to build a close collaboration and dialogue with European institutions and stakeholders across the health care spectrum to determine how we can work together to a more effective civic society engagement in vaccination policies.
The event hosted a well-attended panel discussion that brought together MEPs, the Deputy Director General DG SANTE, the leader of the Joint Action on Vaccination, experts and of course representative of civic society very active on the theme of vaccination.
A strong engagement by all stakeholders to tackle issue of low vaccination coverage and equity in access to vaccination has been called.

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Fédération Française des Curistes Médicalisés (FFCM) - Comm.6 2018

12-13 septembre 2018
6ème Congrès et 18 ans de la FFCM

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Fédération Française des Curistes Médicalisés (FFCM) - Comm.6 2018

1) Réunion FFCM - 09 août à Châtel-Guyon
2) Réunion FFCM - 22 août à Bagnoles-de-l'Orne
3) Préparation du 6° congrès national de la FFCM
4) Inquiétante baisse de la fréquentation des cures en 2018
5) Effacer la Sécurité Sociale?

https://ffcm - curistes.wixsite.com/ffcm

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Almost one-third of EU GDP spent on social protection

Highest ratios in France, Denmark and Finland

Since 2010, social protection expenditure in the European Union (EU) has increased slightly, from 28.6% of GDP
in 2010 to 29.0% in 2015, according to data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In 2015,
the two main sources of funding of social protection at EU level were social contributions, making up 54% of total
receipts, and general government contributions from taxes at 43%.

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Congrès de la FFCM

Capvern les Bains les 12 et 13 Septembre

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Patient Solidarity Day - Saturday 2 December 2017

Patient Solidarity Day takes place each December. Thousands of people from around the world rally around one key issue facing patients and raise awareness by hosting events and showing support for the Day.

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