The individual at the heart of care and as a driver of change

April 8, 2017 - EUROPEAN MEETING, Riolo Terme (Italy)

More than 5 million people in Europe (and more than one million in Italy) today use thermal treatments according to a variety of therapeutic approaches and forms, with positive results based on their health expectations (ISTAT 2014 data; Cneth data, France, 2015).

However, only seldom was this great number of citizens involved in a critical and responsible evaluation of the services provided by thermal establishments, something that is crucial to ensure the future development of the sector.

One of the purposes of the European Association of Patients and Users of Thermal Centres (EAPTC, www.eaptc.net), established in December 2015, is to promote the active involvement of users of thermal services and the awareness of the potentials of thermal treatments for patients with diseases eligible for treatment with thermal medicine.

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Conference: "Government and Citizens: Technologies of Collaboration"

Priorities Should Be Set by Residents
For the first time, the separate conference "Government and Citizens: Technologies of Collaboration" is being held as part of the Fourth Moscow Urban Forum, which began its work today in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.
Russian and foreign experts, urbanists, business representatives and city mayors will discuss various aspects of interaction between the city residents and their governments via advanced interactive technologies.
The discussions at the "Government and Citizens" conference focus on the best international practices in engaging concerned citizens in the decision-making process and building the urban agenda.

Patient mobility in the EU

Meeting on the "Patient mobility in the EU", held at the European Parliament.
Prof. Alceste Santuari was among the speakers as Italian representative.

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